Shrimp Snow 500gm Free Delivery


ShrimpSnow  Shrimp Food Pellets.
The famous ShrimpSnow brand to get your Shrimp off to a flying start!  ShrimpSnow magically flakes apart once exposed to the water in your aquarium.  Your Cherry Shrimp have enough to graze on, without polluting their water!
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Australia’s Favourite Shrimp Food!
ShrimpSnow is the perfect feed for your Cherry Shrimp.

500g ShrimpSnow is made from 100% organic soybean husks.  Which means zero tank pollution and 100% deliciousness for your Shrimp!

ShrimpSnow is made from soybean husks, a by product of soybean production, and are 100% safe for use in aquaria.  500g including FREE DELIVERY!

How does ShrimpSnow work?

Soybean husks are the ideal growth medium for mycelia – which is the food part of fungi that shrimp graze on.
ShrimpSnow is guaranteed not to cloud or pollute your tank. Please err on the side of caution and limit your feeds to one pellet until you see it consumed before adding another.


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